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Powerful, cost-effective intelligent energy solutions for building portfolio owners, operators and facility and property managers.

LED & Controls Upgrade for improved indoor environment

With over (85) HID fixtures using 175 watt bulbs, this ground's building at a hospital was spending money replacing bulbs every month, spending too much on energy for lighting, and working in underlit conditions at times waiting for bulb repairs.  Perhaps unfortunately, an exploding bulb prompted a request to remove the fixtures and replace them with an LED product.  Boom Energy identified a product by NaturaLED that met their goals of minimizing maintenance and saving energy while providing sufficient lighting for their mechanics.  (85) HID fixtures was reduced to (28) LED fixtures.  Boom Energy also installed a wireless controls system (10 year batter life) that ensures the lights turn off when the space is unoccupied, something the morning staff didn't like due to the 20 minute warm-up time of the HIDs.  The wireless aspect was feasible for the customer because the installation cost was minimal.

Inova Energy Management Program

Inova Health Care Systems partnered with Boom Energy in 2014 to develop and manage their energy management program.  Starting from the ground up Boom Energy provided engineering support on construction projects, obtained funding and implemented energy projects, and defined a 5-year energy reduction plan.  As of November 2017, Boom Energy and Inova have reduced energy by over 17% ($4.3M total cost avoidance), improved their energy procurement process, awareness, culture and successfully incorporated energy considerations into their master planning process.

System-WIde Energy Metering (Turn-key)

After a successful but challenging pursuit of an Energy Dashboard pilot project in 2012 with another vendor, Inova sought Boom Energy to provide an Energy Management Information System at all of Inova's 6 outpatient facilities. Completed in 6 months Inova quickly began to realize the benefits of real-time energy use from a central browser.  Boom provided their own BEAMS (Building Energy Analytical Management System) platform utilizing Vykon controllers for data collection and results were beyond expectations.  In the first year, energy costs declined 11% ($1.4M) as facilities, engineering and hospital staff became aware of their real-time energy consumption.  MORE MORE MORE

City of Alexandria Energy Metering and Information System

Boom Energy is excited to announce their partnership with the City of Alexandria in Virginia to deploy a real-time energy management information system at City Hall, in Alexandria, VA.  This initial proof of concept will provide, in real-time, City Hall's water, gas and electric use on a internal browser based site.  This proof of concept will identify utility reduction areas, as well as clear the way for further implementation at the city's 39 additional buildings.  Boom is currently working with the city's IT department to implement a long term data storage solution, develop a implentation map, and determine which energy analytics platform is best suited for their needs.  As always, we'd like BEAMS to provide everything they need, but as a company, we're assisting with those decisions and not making

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