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Powerful, cost-effective intelligent energy solutions and systems to single building and multiple building portfolio owners, operators as well as facility and property managers.

Energy Program Management

Translating Energy Intelligence into Savings. We know energy markets and can develop and implement energy procurement strategies to reduce risk, maintain reliability and reduce expense. Additionally we provide a corporate plan and will be a partner in reducing internal inefficiencies through energy projects, cultural buy-in and training.

Building Automation and Controls

As a Vykon Systems Integrator we have the capabilities to provide intelligent integrated building controls for HVAC, lighting and energy monitoring information systems. Whether working with a building owner, facilities management company or contractor for a newly constructed building, we're equipped to provide a robust system while reducing energy and maintenance costs along the way. 

Facilities Operation Management & System Design

Boom Energy provides system design or on-site facilities support, whether providing engineering and design expertise, energy management or BMS controls guidance and implementation we're in it to provide what you need and more than you expect. 

Luminairs and Lighting Controls

Boom Energy has partnerships with several Light Emitting Diode (LED) fixture manufacturers that allow us to supply cost-effective lighting solutions.  For existing buildings we have LED T8 direct replacement tubes, LED troffers (1x4, 2x2 and 2x4) that include dimming and color temperature adjustment within a single fixture, LED wall packs, garage and parking lot lighting, high bay and specialty lighting.  Additionally, our partnership include Encillium by Osram/Sylvania, Wattstopper by Legrand, and emergence lighting technologies.

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